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The added-value for advertising in an
Insider’s Guide to the South's Meeting Sites:

Along with guarenteed editorial coverage in the in-print & online/mobile article, advertisers receive these added values:

Live Link in Digital/Mobile Edition:
Our in-print advertisers get double the exposure as each ad appears in the digital/mobile edition of our magazine. And, each ad in this version links directly to the advertiser's website. Click here to view the digital/mobile edition.

Advertiser Reference Guides:
Our in-print advertisers can be found in our Advertiser Reference Guide located in the back of each issue and online in a searchable format. Click here to view the online Advertiser Reference Guide.

Hot Deals/Hot Dates:
Our in-print advertisers may list hot dates and hot deals for meeting planners in our online Hot Deal/Hot Dates database. Click here to view the online, searchable Hot Dates/Deals database.

"Editor's Hot Picks" Mention:
Each Insider’s Guide includes an "Editor’s Hot Picks" box, which includes details about advertisers as well as top picks by the Editor. Advertisers receive a bolded mention with company name, phone number, website address (links in digital/mobile edition) as well as a 25-word incentive statement where you can share any special meeting promotions or other reasons to book with your site. Check out the "Editor's Hot Pick" within each Insider's Guide as seen on our digital/mobile edition

Online Insider’s Guides:
Our new Online Insider’s Guides feature a host of interactive features for a period of one year, including: 
—A pop-up marker on the interactive map of your destination and a description sentence on the pop-up market. 
—An image within the destination slideshow with a short sentence describing the picture.
—A logo that appears in our Sponsor's section. (for half, 2/3 or full-page advertisers only)
—A write-up that appears in our Featured Properties section.
—A short promotional video. (for full-page advertisers only)

Our online Insider's Guides are also a launching page for the full Insider's Guide in the digital/mobile edition. And we promote these Insider's Guides in our eNewsletters and online in our Destination Showcase section. Check out an online Insider's Guide here.

Ready to include your ad in our Insider's Guide to the South's Meeting Sites?

—Click here to view our Editorial Calendar & see what issue your destination will be featured or to review rates in our Media Kit.

—Click here to contact the Meetings Marketing Service Manager that represents your state.

NOTE: If you have purchased an ad in an Insider's Guide, and would like to submit your materials for the above added-value, please email Dorothy White at advertising@coveypubs.com

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