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4 Teambuilding Ideas

Advantages of Teambuilding Programs for the Corporate Sector

By Padmaja Singh 

Teambuilding programs are referred to a series of activities that are organized for schools, businesses, sports teams as well as religious or nonprofit organizations to improve team performance. The main focus of such programs is to bring out the best in the team and make certain that there is positive communication, self development, along with leadership skills and the ability to work collectively as a team to solve any problem. It is an excellent way to communicate, learn and have fun.

Team members get a good opportunity to communicate and express their opinions while participating in any activities. It offers a practical experience that allows individuals to contribute towards a common goal. Various teambuilding programs enable developing synergy in teams as well as corporate teambuilding.

Some of the benefits of fun-based teambuilding programs include:

-Motivating employees who are not interested to participate
-Facilitating communication between team members
-Working towards a common goal as a single team
-Tackling difficult situations together as a team
-Giving personal opinions and improving participation
-Improves leadership skills and employee morale
-Corporate trainings are essential to develop group skills, communication as well as bonding between team members.

Some adventure based teambuilding activities include:

1. The Incredible Race Challenge

The Incredible Race Challenge is one such teambuilding program that challenges teams to work jointly. It allows the team to race together by means of various transportation forms that range from public transport, scooters, and auto rickshaws to walking on own feet to get maximum number of points.

2. Mobile Adventure Programs (MAPs)

Mobile Adventure Programs are mobile activities that are flexible enough to be set anywhere at any time. If you don't have time for an offsite trip, you can also get your employees engaged in activities inside your conference room or if required in your office campus. The Mobile Adventure Programs include several teambuilding games, such as Towers of Hanoi, turning Point, Mine Field, Key Punch, Helium Hula and many other exciting and fun-loving games. Such fun and play corporate training programs are thoroughly enjoyed by employees than the traditional programs.

3. Cooking Challenge

The Cooking Challenge tests the ability of the teams to become "Chefs for A Day." The challenge includes simple cooking to earn points and these points are related as learning points in the dynamics of the high performance team.

4. The Rafting Challenge:

The Rafting Challenge is one teambuilding events that can help examine the team's determination as well as commitment. The challenges involves paddling across the waters using "SELF MADE" rafts towards the finishing line. The team has to first make their rafts and sail using it all the way towards the shore.

About the Author
Padmaja Singh is a management graduate & writes on teambuilding activities & leadership training programs.

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